Kernel 5.6 gpu 1660 ti (laptop) prime optimus: Is multi monitor possible on Fedora 32?

Hello all,

I’m new comer in Linux world and Fedora so.
Using a msi laptop with multi monitors configuration with (i7 9750+IntelUHD630+GTX1660ti).

I came crazy since one week with make it works as nvidia prime optimus configuration for multi monitors. Trying with nvidia or rpmfusion driver (akmod).

I’m using Fedora 32 and last official available version of nvidia driver is 435.21, knowing that it means that is supporting as last kernel the 5.3 version.

Does it mean i’m locked on Nouveau driver for multi monitors usage ?
i’m want to use full nvidia configuration and be able to switch on intel thru reboot if needed.

Can i downgrade kernel to 5.3 without big deal on Fedora 32 behaviors ?