Kernel 5.19.15-201.fc36 on Intel Wired Network broken

Can’t access local servers. Steam downloads in bytes. Can’t access Truenas on local network. Kernal 5.19.14 works fine. Just 5.19.15 broken.

linux kernel 5.19.16 will be released soon
now it’s in release-candidate
I recommend using previous 5.19.14 for now until 5.19.16 is released

Thanks, Same think happened right before the F36 release when I was on F35. Not sure why this happens right before a new release??

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It sometimes happens with wireless networking on linux

cause when Linux Foundation releases new linux they don’t have all devices on the world to test it they just test few

Same with fedora Bohdi(Fedora testing system)

Be aware that 5.19.14 has security issues. If you stick with 5.19.14 for now, you should avoid to use untrusted WiFi connections with it (the kernel can be attacked through malicious WiFi packets). Stay tuned for 5.19.16.

However, feel free to provide logs and detailed information of your issue to elaborate if we can solve it or if it needs a bug report (to not solely rely on 5.19.16 solving the issue). I have not much time these days but maybe someone else can check out the issue.

5.19.16 now we need
for bohdi upload and tests