Keeping partitions while upgrading


I have Fedora-33 but I wanna use Fedora-34,
I did put some of my main folders like /home and /bin and /boot and /tmp in other partitions, so can I install Fedora-34 just on / drive for keeping my data’s?

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You can just upgrade—you do not need to install a fresh. Please see this document:

If you do want to install afresh, you can do that too, and simply mount your partitions again as you did before when installing Fedora 33. /bin etc. are system partitions and will/should be formatted, though. /home and /var can be mounted without formatting since they’re meant to store user data.


Ill try it,
Thank you :tulip:

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Great, please post new topics here if you run into issues.

of course,
i have some topics here

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Thank you. My system upgraded successful! :fedora: :pray:t2:


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