Keep Thunderbird running in system tray

I’m using Fedora 37 Workstation, and I use thunderbird as my email application.
I use dnf to install thunderbird, and I find that after I close the application, it will not pop a message to me when I get a new email.
I have searched for how to keep thunderbird alive for popping messages, and I see there is an add-on to minimize the window after I put the close button. But I just don’t really want to keep it in the dash board, since I’m using dash-to-dock. Also there is one application called birdtray and accessible on flatpak, but I met some errors and guess it can only be used on debian systems.
So is there any method to solve this? Or may I have to use the add-on? I’m new in Linux and I’d be appreciate for any possible suggestions!

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  1. Instal birdtray via flatpak is only available if you use/install thunderbird in the same way
  2. You should build in your system follow the instruction below:
    GitHub - gyunaev/birdtray: new mail system tray notification icon for Thunderbird
  3. You have another alternative, maybe this is what you’re looking for:
    MinimizeToTray Reanimated :: Add-ons for Thunderbird


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