Kdenlive crash because of ffmpeg

Hi there,

I get an error message “kdenlive crashed” when starting the software. The reason for this is that ffmpeg does not work properly. So far I have reinstalled both the software and ffmpeg. Here the “normal” as well as the Flatpak sources were used. Between the installations I have completely removed the software packages. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for moving!

I removed ffmpeg and ffmpeg-devel. Now kndenlive starts, but still with the “ffmpeg crash” message. At least the software works now. Still don´t know what the problem is. The should not be an error message when ffmpeg is already removed, right?

I got the same error that “ffmpeg crashed” and “kdenlive crashed”, it won’t start. Up till now it worked normally, i haven’t figgured out what caused it. The AppImage works fine though if you need it.

I believe that this is already described as 2242693 – [abrt] kdenlive: QMapNode<QAdwaitaDecorations::ColorType, QColor>::doDestroySubTree(): kdenlive killed by SIGSEGV.

The new version of qadwaitadecorations is already part of updates-testing and when updating to it, the problem goes away.