Kdenlive 2.12.2 issue on fedora 37: shows only blank white on compositions and effects

kdenlive 22.12.2 with fedora 37 (workstation edition) has compositions and effects part blanked white. Someone in other forums had same issue with ubuntu, and apparently installing qml-module-org-kde-kcm package worked for them.

Is there some fedora package that would provide similar help for this issue, or could the kdenlive 22.12.2 dependencies be fixed in fedora for these essential functionalities to work?

It used to work fine earlier, maybe the kdenlive 22.12.2 update has brought the new dependency that causes the issue?

Someone has also posted a screenshot of this issue here Reddit - Dive into anything

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Someone posted in reddit to sudo dnf install kf5-kirigami2

This seemed to work for me, installed accidentally kf5-kirigami to another pc first and didn’t work, seems it requires kf5-kirigami2 to work.

Your solution worked for me as well. Thanks a lot!
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