Kde spins locks up

I trying to run kde spin after a few min of running . It locks up nothing works . I have used mow the one usb same thing . But when I try the gnome workstation on the same usb drive no error at all

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When you say “usb drive” is this a thumb drive or an external hard drive?

Also, is it locking up before or after installation?

Lastly, is it Fedora 35 you are installing?

Yes it is a thumb drive . It locks up When on live desktop can not install it at all

Which version of Fedora is it?

Also, can you share some information on your hardware?

Such as the specific CPU and GPU you are using?

fedora 35
I have a intel i7 64g ram all so 2 2tb ssd nvidia 1050ti and a 10tb hd

@wbiggs are you using the Wayland session on KDE or X11?
Maybe try to logout and swith to the X11 session.

no clue . I’m just booting into live

What did you use to burn the Fedora image onto the thumb drive ? This is a good tool to burn your .iso


I used image writer from fedora