KDE Spin keeps Chrome browser from loading


One problem I’m having with my KDE spin is that my Chrome browser won’t load once a week. To fix it, I must delete my Chrome profile, restart Chrome, and reenter my credentials.

I use Docs and Drive and am invested in Google Chrome, so switching isn’t an option for me.

Lets find out how “KDE is preventing you from using Chrome”.

Can you type kinfo in the terminal and send the output?

And when this happens, its easiest to launch chrome from the terminal. Find its launch command by searching it in the app menu, right clicking, “edit application” and looking at the executed command.

Should be something like google-chrome.
Execute that in the terminal and you should get some error messages.

Alternatively, use journalctl -f --priority err | grep chrom and then launch chrome. Should get some more logs.

Thanks. Unfortunately/fortunately, it fixed itself after rebooting. (It’s the first time that it’s done that). I’ll check again next time it happens.

Btw you can use the Google Apps in Chromium and Firefox (both fedora repos) too.