KDE display bug (fixes itself on creating new home folder)

Continuation of this thread but the issue is more specific to home folder.

After I login to kde I get display artifacts.

But it is fixed if I reset the home folder. I had changed resolution and refresh rate (most likely the problem) settings before this issue occured. Any way to find what settings are causing the issue ?

Distro : Fedora 39
Hw : Dell G15 5515 (Laptop)
GPU : AMD + Nvidia optimus

Did you save the old home directory?
If so you can compare key config files to see why it broke.

Yes I did and it was kscreen folder in .local. Weirdly both old and new keys are same.

I used the old home folder with kscreen folder removed and it fixed the issue.

I found the issue. Every time I switch the display to 60hz in system settings, I get the same artifact. Variable refresh rate is off. Should I report this bug ?

Are you using the rpmfusion drivers?
If so you would need to report the bug to NVIDIA as they are the vendor of the close-source code that the rpmfusion project packages.

How do we know this is an nvidia bug ? The primary display is running on amd gpu. Nvidia gpu is shut down most of the time.

I do not know for certain. I was assuming that the pixels where coming from the nvidia GPU and being displayed by the AMD GPU.

In which case you would need to report against the AMD GPU code in the kernel.

Where can I report it ? Any URL ?

Start with the Fedora Bugzilla and if you have to file bugs elsewhere your should be pointed in the right direction. See Bugzilla - Fedora Project Wiki