KDE 5.27 - All Firefox Windows restore on top of each other

Title says it all really. When I reboot, Firefox is the only app that restores. I have a myriad of windows (each with a myriad of tabs). Since KDE 5.27 it looks like all the Firefox windows restore on top of each other in the center of the screen. Prior to 5.27 Firefox windows were restored to the positions I left them in before rebooting.

Machine: Dell XPS 9520 laptop
CPU: Intel i7-12700H
GPU: Intel Iris Xe & Nvidia RX 3050 Ti (not used by system for some reason)
Memory: 32GB DDR5 (at a lowly 4800 MTs)

Machine is dual-booted with Windows 11 but I doubt that has any impact. It’s only there for sanity checks, and if I need to use the 3050 Ti which Fedora refuses to use (rpmfusion drivers)

An interesting aside, perhaps: Kwin looks to have blown up at least a couple of times since getting KDE 5.27 - killed by SIGSEGV in the most recent instance that app-abrt knows about; just downloading everything for the core dump in furtherance of attempting to report the bug (virtually none of the crashes that have occurred since I installed Fedora 37 - and I have to say, there’s been a lot! - have been reportable in the bug tracking system. Most of them involve Firefox (lots of windows) and who knows if there’s any sensitive data in that tranche of data?)

Addendum: It looks as though this behavior started prior to KDE 5.27. I just tried it on a desktop running Fedora 37 with KDE 5.26.5 (KDE Frameworks 5.108) and the same behavior - with Firefox at least - occurs there. The change in behavior was recent though.