KaiOS with Fedora 33

Does anybody have experience using Fedora with KaiOS ?

Is that something you deploy on top of Fedora? I don’t understand.

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Yes KaiOS is a OS (By Mozilla Foudation) running Linux. I want to connect in my Terminal on my computer running Fedora 33.

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That one?

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Wow, that sounds interesting. Very low memory requirements.

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It sounds like a slim down version of Android for feature phones.


@voodooviking I’m a little worried about Mozilla because they keep laying off staff. Sorry, can’t help here.


Is it better to use Gnome Web instead. Or what browser is more related to Fedora then.
I just thought that they also were Open sourced and made by volunteer fightting for the Freedom on the internet and decentralisation. They actually took a Gigant Browser company to cought for same reason.

I know it is off the topics of this Forum. But why are they lay people ?

Yes. What do you think about it. I read that it is open source and perhaps a good way to learn bash on open source phones. And as I’m running Firefox. It was an option.

Maybe I can use KaiOS with Rasbery phi ( when I get more skilled ) having an connection when I’m long away from home and not getting lost like “Into the wild”[(See movie/book])(Into the Wild (film) - Wikipedia) having fully exes through Satelite which also could be usefull for people in third world countries to explore Fedora and knowledge from the internet.

Yes a good playtool. And on the Nokia 8810 ( The Matrix - Wikipedia ) it has all a phone need to have plus more.

I would like to syncronize it with my Fedora so I can get access through the Terminal and learn and install developers tools and apps.

For any Phone OS, the main issue is Driver support.

If there is no build specific to your phone, then you cannot use it. Or if your phone is with locked bootloader, you cannot install it.

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Thanks @voodooviking, but I’m currently enjoying the summer and my mobile phones work quite good right now. I can’t recommend any browser, that’s a topic of personal preference. I usually use 2-3 very popular browsers for daily internet-searches.

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I found this about rooting the SelLinux related to the Nokia 8110 running KaiOS.
I’m in doub if its a greyzone or if its okay to modulate SelLinux.

Is it possible to root the "Nokia 8110 4G" running KaiOS ? | XDA Forums)](What is SELinux?)

Is there a way to check if the phone is Bootlocked by connecting it to Fedora through the USB ?
Or is it running Sellinux in Fedora

The kernel-config can be extracted via /proc/config.gz.

[[What is SELinux?]

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That’s very nice. I decided to not further dig into the topic, since other questions are more important.

Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) provides an additional layer of system security. SELinux fundamentally answers the question: May do to ? , for example: May a web server access files in users’ home directories?

In the case you copy files very often, as I do, you always need to remember to change the context. Not for all files of cause, but for files or directories bound to a service.

I like this coloring book on the page you posted:

That’s probably an Overkill:

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Hey voodooviking, you seem to be very active on xda-developers? I believe a have an account there, but I haven’t wrote anything for years there.

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Cats & dogs seems to have their own behavior. I like different colours. But as I learned until now. Breeding cat with dog. Does not make a Pinguin :space_invader:

Yes I have an account on XDA. for asking question which not belong in here. As I’m also have an account at the e-foundation. Trying to have a linuxbased smartphone. But everything is though very new to me.

The first guide isn’t merely about cats and dogs. OWASP about MAC has more information about what such a system wants to solve.
Seems to be important for huge organizations, but not absolutely necessary for an developer.

Funnily enough, I read an article this morning about the Danish secret service helping the NSA to spy on our Chancellor. :grin:

EDIT: Well, a sightly different position is in the book. 2.1.1 Is SELinux useful: Indeed an interesting chapter.

Ahh. MLS Enforcement by SeLinux. I got the point now. Sorry that I got you wrong. First I thought the paintingbook was a joke. But showing the layer of securitytesting tools and application testing. Thank you very much. Very usefull insight knowledge of Linux. I looked it through but have to look on how the tools works. I do need to test were the repos are vulnable. For getting my Fedora stable.