Just Out of interest -- Anti Virus!

Just out of interest, how do people feel of the dreaded speech of “Anti Virus” on Fedora? Let alone Linux?

Out of precaution, I say yes it needs protection (as Comodo would state) however, other then these guys, it’s actually quite hard to find an anti-virus for Linux.

What do people think? Should I persist in finding one for my system? (grated I have the Wine Windows umm, “system”, installed.


Fedora already ships with one and it’s called SELinux. Most 3rd party anti-viruses either are for checking for Windows viruses (ClamAV) or are a nasty rootkit that likely does more harm than good. I strongly recommend that you keep SELinux enforcing and firewalld enabled and avoid 3rd party root kits.

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Clamav and Comodo antivirus for linux are of some utility.
While it is true that the great majority of viruses target windows, it has over time, become more threatening in the linux world.

I agree with Scott that SELinux is a very important part, but adding layers can help protect your system.