Just a couple of questions: TPM and auto-snapshot

I was wondering why a distribution that is up to date with the latest technologies like Fedora Workstation has not yet implemented two absolutely useful functions for end users out-of-the-box. I am referring to the ability to use the TPM chip for disk encryption and the system’s auto-snapshot function each time an update is performed.
I understand that in Ubuntu the encryption system via TPM works well and that even in Fedora there are no major problems if it is activated manually: Automatically decrypt your disk using TPM2 - Fedora Magazine.
Furthermore, the auto-snapshot system comes preconfigured in several distributions, including Manjaro and, if I remember correctly, Linux Mint. A possible solution in this sense, for Fedora, could be snapper.
Let me know what you think.

Snapper by default - #3 by ngompa

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Do you think Bugzilla is an appropriate place to open a feature request? I think autosnaphot is at least worth considering. In my opinion it is an essential feature for those who use computers for work. To be clear: I know Silverblue exists for this, but a traditional Linux system like F. Workstation offers more flexibility and for many (myself included) it is the preferred choice (at least for now).

I believe here’s a better way to contact the devs:
Issues - fedora-workstation - Pagure.io

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