Julia Version on Fedora

The software Julia will soon have its version 1.4 available on Windows OS. However, Fedora 31 still uses version 1.2 of Julia as the default installation.

What is holding the update of Julia on Fedora 31? It seems R and Python are always up-to-date on Fedora 31.

You could ask the maintainer of the julia package at https://apps.fedoraproject.org/packages/julia/overview/
or as mentioned in Julia’s documentation use the Copr repo nalimilan/julia Copr for the latest version. Interestingly it’s the same maintainer.


We do not update packages as soon as they come out. We follow the updates policy to ensure that no large updates are made to current releases:

Since F31 has already been released, it is unlikely that Julia will be updated to a new version in it. (Updating julia, a language, is not the same as updating an isolated package. Lots of packages that use the Julia language may be affected and that increases the risk)

Also worth noting: 1.4 is not a stable release. 1.3 is. 1.4 is still a preview. Generally, we wait for a new release, watch for any issues, and only update packages when we know that it is relatively stable:


This confirm that Fedora as a bleeding edge distribution is a false myth :slight_smile:
A new release of Fedora is released often, but usually it doesn’t contain beta or preview packages.

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