Join us for the Fedora Accessibility Working Group every 2 weeks!

Hi everyone! Just an update regarding the Fedora Accessibility Working Group. We met on Tuesday for our first meeting and decided to have the meeting bi-weekly. The next meeting is on August 2, 2022 1:00 PM in our Jitsi room! If you would like to add this date to your prefered calendar as a reminder that would be much appreciated :smiley: Just click the time and the option to add the meeting to your calendar should appear. I’ve also added our meetings to the DEI’s Fedocal.

Our issue tracker is in the process of getting set up but for the moment you can find the meeting notes here on HackMD. You can also join us at where I’ll post updates.


A reminder that today’s Fedora Accessibility meeting will take place in 2 and half hours @ 2:00 PM UTC! You can find the agenda here: Accessibility Working Group Meeting 2022-08-02 - HackMD