Join the Rawhide Test Days: Help Shape the Future of Fedora Linux!

Dear Fedorans,

Are you ready to make a difference in the world of Fedora Linux? We’re
thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new test day series:
Rawhide Test Days! These events are your opportunity to play a crucial
role in ensuring the quality and reliability of upcoming Fedora
releases. Rawhide test days will play their unique role in keeping
Fedora Linux releases on time.

Fedora test days are renowned for their inclusivity – they welcome
participation from both seasoned Fedora contributors and newcomers
alike. If you’ve been itching to dip your toes into the world of
Fedora Linux contribution, this is your perfect starting point.

For some time now, we’ve been dedicated to elevating the quality
standards of Fedora by implementing rigorous testing processes well in
advance. Our Fedora Changes process facilitates the submission of
changesets long before the official release cycle begins. As part of
this effort, we’re excited to introduce Rawhide Test Days, an
initiative designed to test these changesets thoroughly and identify
any potential (blocker) bugs early on.

To kick off this exciting journey, we’re focusing our efforts on
testing DNF 5 – a crucial changeset proposed for Fedora Linux 41[0].
With the introduction of the brand new DNF5 package in Rawhide, we’re
organizing a test days to gather initial feedback before it becomes
the default. We’ll be rigorously testing DNF5 against its basic
acceptance criteria to ensure a seamless transition.

Mark your calendars for our Rawhide Test Days, taking place from
Friday, March 15th, through Tuesday, March 19th. Your participation
during this week will be invaluable as we work together to refine
Fedora Linux for its upcoming release.

Ready to dive in? Visit our test week page [1] to learn more about how
you can contribute and make your mark on the future of Fedora.

Happy testing, and we can’t wait to see you there!

[0] Changes/ReplaceDnfWithDnf5 - Fedora Project Wiki
[1] Test Day:2024-03-15 Fedora 40 DNF 5 - Fedora Project Wiki



How to download the ISO fast from your regional mirror:

  1. Search rawhide in the Fedora section on the mirror list
  2. Select the architecture you want to test (in my case x86_64)
  3. Search your country or a neighbor one
  4. Choose Fastest bandwidth available and click on http/https
  5. the path on the server is

select whatever spin/lab/edition and architecture you want to test

If you want to test a other architecture who is not available on the mirror you selected, go back to the mirrors homepage and select there the architecture you like to test and you will find the correct mirror closest to you.

Hope to avoid frustration finding the rawhide ISO for newcomers with my executions :slight_smile:

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