Join the Commops

Hi I wish to join the Commops. I need more experience in tech writing. I would like to contribute. I have a Art degree so I can contribute in graphic design as well as technical writing. Please assign a task for me .

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Hi Yolanda:

The Fedora Magazine is looking for writers! If you are looking for ideas, already-approved topics can be found the in the “Article Spec” column here: Taiga

Personally, I would like to see the one about Systemd Timers written if you feel up to that. Ideally, it would be very similar in style to the previous posts in the systemd series.

Thanks for offering to help!

Hi. I want to write a proposal on; How Systemd/Timers can be used as an alternative to Cron.


Hi Yolanda.

Thanks. Please follow the directions here to get started.