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Waydroid (and dependencies) packaged for Fedora on x86_64 and aarch64

  • Waydroid itself packaged
  • Network available out of box
  • Work in SELinux Enforcing mode
  • ashmem driver not necessary

Thanks yanqiyu/waydroid for the original package

Thanks rmnscnce/waydroid for dependencies

Installation Instructions

Make sure you're using kernel version 5.15 or higher
  1. Add the Copr repository

sudo dnf copr enable aleasto/waydroid

  1. Update sepolicy (only for fedora35)

sudo dnf update

  1. Install waydroid

sudo dnf install waydroid

  1. Setup waydroid. THIS WILL DOWNLOAD NON-FREE COMPONENTS (ffmpeg, possibly others)

sudo waydroid init -c https://ota.waydro.id/system -v https://ota.waydro.id/vendor sudo systemctl start waydroid-container

You may now start waydroid with waydroid show-full-ui or using the desktop menu entry.

Active Releases

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