Iwlwifi driver still broken in kernel 5.4.8-200 (at least for AC 9462)

Some people with Intel AC 9462 had issues after the update from kernel 5.3.16 to 5.4.7 like mentioned here.

Today the kernel updated to 5.4.8 but the issue persists :frowning:

Of course I’m willing to help to resolve this problem. Just tell me what information is needed.

  • Kernel's Wiki: iwlwifi bug reporting
  • Fedora Quick Docks: How to file a bug.

    Good Luck!
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  • You could try 5.4.10, it’s in updates-testing with quite a decent amount of karma.


    Unfortunately the first letter was changed automatically to upper case and I can’t change it now.
    I’ve tested the recommended kernel 5.4.10 from testing and also vanilla-mainline 5.5.0 without success.

    Bug report has already been filed by another user: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1790011


    This might be your solution: No Internet connection after upgrading to Fedora 31

    Not matter if you connect via wired or wifi. It’s all about setting your IP manually.


    Looks like this has been broken for a while and has only gotten worse. There is confusion between lspci reporting one model, and the kernel reporting a different model, on the same hardware. About the closest I got was this bisect:

    And that says the problem goes back to June. And there is an upstream bug report that doensn’t have all the exact right information an upstream bug report should have. (Hint, make sure it has the complete dmesg for the working and not working cases; and a complete ‘lspci -vvnn’. And for whatever reason linux wifi wasn’t cc’d on the bug unti today, so decent chance they had no idea this was a problem.)

    For what it’s worth, it really isn’t working correctly with 5.3.x either. It’s just not completely crashing upon (wifi) hardware restart, and in 5.4.x it is.


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    Thanks for your research. I think the confusion about 9462/9560 might be something different, because I do not see any AC 9560 in the logs.

    I’ll apply this patch and see if it resolves the issue.

    Edit: Applied the simple patch and wifi is working again :slight_smile:

    I`m a noob on Kernels, how can I apply this patch???

    You can find instructions on building your own kernel here (last

      These instructions forget to mention that you also need the

    packages openssl-devel, flex, bison and grubby.

      After downloading the kernel sources, you have to apply the

    patch. Since this is only one line I did it manually. Although you
    could use git for this as well.

    Easiest way is to use the official fedora kernel 5.3.16.

    The problem is: I need to install NVIDIA drivers, and when I try to install them from RPMFusion, they requery as a dependency de Kernel 5.4.8 (which breaks my wifi, Kernel 5.4.10 and 5.5rc6 also doesn’t work). So I can’t install the drivers. I tried specifying the kernel version for akmod-nvidia and kmod-nvidia ( sudo dnf install akmod-nvidia-5.3.16-300.fc31.x86_64 ), but it didn’t work