IVPN software doesn't load since the F35 upgrade

Since the upgrade to Fedora 35 IVPN doesn’t load anymore or only loads a plain empty window, whatever i did, rebooting, reinstalling the IVPN software and the GUI, the issue is still the same, does someone have any idea about how to fix that, please ?

Start capturing logs and then launch your application:

journalctl -f
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Thank you but i got the answer from the IVPN devs.

The issue with the IVPN App’s GUI on Fedora 35 is related to glibc and Electron. Our development team has a fix that will be released in the next update.

In the meantime, there are beta RPM packages available in this comment on GitHub from one of our developers, Stenya:

If you prefer to wait for the stable release, the IVPN App’s command-line interface offers a solution: