Issues with Updates, Nvidia GPU and Wireplumber config | Fedora 40 |

Nouveau drivers (that don’t work) replacing Nvidia drivers in addition to Wireplumber problems. Power profiles went missing causing my laptop battery to drain in a few minutes. Balanced power still does nothing. Too many major issues so close together. I eventually came across an article about the changes involving Nouveau. Many hours wasted for each problem. Clearly having Automatic Problem Reporting ON provides no benefit. I understand that there may an attempt to slim down the kernel and make it as much open source as possible, but the many quick changes have been a burden. I have increased my backup kernel versions to 6. I’m also confused why updates in Software vs. the CLI are different. All the problems I’ve been experiencing are due to updates. Fedora 40 has been a disaster for me. I wonder how understanding the maintainers are when they get multiple recall notices for their cars, baby furniture, contraceptives, and …

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Did you replace the Nvidia drivers with Nouveau ?

What is your hardware config ? Post the results of inxi -Fzxx here for us to help.


We can go through these if you are willing to ?

The kernel is and always has been 100% open source.

These kind of comments are contrary to the fedora CoC.

Your post above appears a rant and not a question asking for a solution. Please either ask a question or don’t post. We are happy to assist but the CoC should be followed.

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Yes, because on CLI you use DNF, while GNOME Software is not a frontend to it, but is backed by Packagekit[1], so, among other things, they don’t share the same metadata and cache.

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This is gonna be helpful for a translation/write up I will be doing in the future.