Issues with PackageKit?


Hello @bproj,
I was successful at building and running a flatpak of Deja-Dup by cloning their existing source at GitLab then building the flatpak using flatpak-builder in sudo mode, with the --install option set. I wasn’t sure if you had managed to get it running yet, and thought I would being inspired by @refi64. If you’re interested the process I followed was this…

  1. Clone the Deja-Dup git repo at Gitlab with the following command git clone in a directory of your choosing.
  2. Change into the deja-dup directory, then into the flatpak subdirectory
  3. Use the following command sudo flatpak-builder --install org.gnome.DejaDupDevel org.gnome.DejaDupDevel.yaml --force-clean

This will use the org.gnome.DejaDupDevel.yaml file to create and install a Deja-Dup flatpak app named org.gnome.DejaDupDevel. It will also create the directory of the same name. These commands are to be used in a terminal it is expected. The --force-clean option is only really necessary if you had done a previous build and had already the directory named as noted. I ran it after doing this process, but didn’t attempt a backup or restore (I do have an older Deja-Dup backup somewhere). Maybe I’ll hunt for those older DD backups I have and restore them, it might be nostalgic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
[EDIT] Well that sucks, I can run DejaDup, but the app fails complaining it cannot understand the duplicity version information. This should be taken care of with the yaml file I thought where Duplicity is named a runtime dependency, or so I thought.


PackageKit startup timing out also blocked realm join during initial boot :frowning: