Issues with 5.1 surround over spdif and multimonitor standby

Hi guys (reposting from reddit),

Let’s say I’m kind of new to linux desktop as I haven’t tried in years and mainly been around linux server environments.

My specs: 5600X, 32GB RAM, 6700XT running on nvme. Motherboard: Gigabyte X470 Ultra Gaming with ALC1220-VB

I have 2 monitors Acer 1080p 60Hz (HDMI) + LG 34GK950F 144Hz (dP)

My monitors won’t stay in standby at all after the idle timeout period. They will standby for a second and then come back up either on the login screen or a black screen on both monitors without the monitor going to standby…
This is solved by connecting both monitors to dP (tested) or HDMI… except I don’t have a converter (borrowed one) so will need to buy one. If there’s a way around this it’d be great

Also I can’t seem to turn on 5.1 sound over spdif (Using Starship/Matisse)
I’m only seeing these options in pavucontrol:
I’m expecting there should be Digital Surround (IEC958) Output

I already installed all updates at this stage.

Thanks for any directions! :pray:

I’ve had some luck in the past getting better passthrough support by playing with some of the driver parameters. Basically, all I know is what I’ve read here: More Notes on HD-Audio Driver — The Linux Kernel documentation

One of the links on the above page takes you here: HD-Audio Codec-Specific Models — The Linux Kernel documentation

And a quick search there suggests that there is a special driver parameter (dual-codecs) for ALC1220 chipsets on “gaming” motherboards that may enable some extra features.

You might try adding the following line to a new .conf file under /etc/modprobe.d and see if that helps (you can pick any name for the file as long as it ends in .conf). You will need to reload the driver for the change to be picked up (or reboot your PC).

options snd-hda-intel model=dual-codecs

Hope that helps.

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Hi @glb Thanks so much for this detailed walkthrough. I’ll give it a go as soon as I have some time (fun weekend’s over :sweat_smile: ) and definitely update back here