Issues with 5.1 surround over spdif and multimonitor standby

Hi guys (reposting from reddit),

Let’s say I’m kind of new to linux desktop as I haven’t tried in years and mainly been around linux server environments.

My specs: 5600X, 32GB RAM, 6700XT running on nvme. Motherboard: Gigabyte X470 Ultra Gaming with ALC1220-VB

I have 2 monitors Acer 1080p 60Hz (HDMI) + LG 34GK950F 144Hz (dP)

My monitors won’t stay in standby at all after the idle timeout period. They will standby for a second and then come back up either on the login screen or a black screen on both monitors without the monitor going to standby…
This is solved by connecting both monitors to dP (tested) or HDMI… except I don’t have a converter (borrowed one) so will need to buy one. If there’s a way around this it’d be great

Also I can’t seem to turn on 5.1 sound over spdif (Using Starship/Matisse)
I’m only seeing these options in pavucontrol:
I’m expecting there should be Digital Surround (IEC958) Output

I already installed all updates at this stage.

Thanks for any directions! :pray:

Hi @airbag888! Not to give you the run-around, but you may find that this gets better response at, which is for user support and questions. (There’s a plan to merge the two sites so this is less confusing, but it’s a little while off.) I can’t migrate your post between the two, unfortunately, but if you do post there I can close this one.

@mattdm Hi! I had not realised this was a different forum. Thank you for pointing this out !

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