Issues when swapping between single and double monitor modes


I set up my laptop entirely with dual monitors. Never used it with single, until today, when I needed to use it in a separate location. First, when I boot, the login screen (Usually showing up only on my secondary monitor) didn’t show up at all. I managed to log in my typing in my password and hitting enter. Then, my background was completely black, and I couldn’t select anything, see desktop icons, or change my background. I also couldn’t access the right click menu. I assume this has something to do with lattedock, or something. (I use KDE)

Edit: If I plug my monitor back in, it goes back to normal (Without restarting). If I unplug it again from there it works just fine.

I assume you have the external monitor set as primary, and are not mirroring the content.
The login screen always shows on the primary monitor and does not usually switch, just disappears if the monitor is not available.

I usually use my external monitor as a mirror of the laptop screen so I never have that issue.

I in fact do not have the external monitor as primary. I use it specifically to get another screen and not just a mirror, so that won’t work.