Issue with wifi extender TPLINK re650


I am new to fedora 36

I wanted to ask does anyone had issues connecting to wifi extender tplink re650?
The network adapter can see the extender but it can’t connect to it.
I have used it with ubuntu 22.04 and also had issues but fixed it by installing dhcpd5 and changeing the line dhcp does anyone know how do i change it in fedora? Thnak you

Welcome to :fedora:
Sometimes wifi extenders loss dhcp
It happens to me so i make a static lan extender. You can fix it just by restarting the extender. Wifi mesh routers does not have that issue.

Hey martin Thanks

I have tried restarting the extender but it didn’t resolve the issue that i can’t connect to it

I have looked into the logs and saw this error
bgscan simple: Failed to enable signal strength monitoring
does anyone know how do i fix it?
Thank you