Issue with upgrade to fedora 39

i got this error while upgrade my fedora to 39

Hi, Mohamed, and welcome. Hope you’ve taken the opportunity to review the guide for working well in this forum. One of the items to note is that screenshots of text are not considered to be helpful – please copy and paste the text as preformatted text (</>) so that it is readable and searchable.
Specifically for your question, the upgrade documentation provides some suggestions as to what to do for conflicts such as this (check out step 4 in Upgrading Fedora Using DNF System Plugin :: Fedora Docs). Have you tried these steps? Tell us what you’ve tried and what the results are.

You should wait until the final release date, currently 7 November. Fedora 39 is in a freeze state and has become somewhat behind the Fedora 38 version with respect the firmware packages. Notice that you got the newer package of amd-ucode-firmware from Fedora 38 whereas this packages does not exist in Fedora 39 yet.

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