Issue with GRUB only with Fedora 34 - Live USB + Installed

I am having an issue that appears when grub shows up on boot (see video below) both of the live usb and when it is installed next to windows 10. It also happens when it is single install, but I am focusing on getting it alongside windows 10. When the OS selection screen finally appears, there is a scrolling _ that starts in the top left hand of the screen and is drawn in every spot from the top left to the bottom right. This essentially looks like someone started a word document and just held down the Tab key.

It does allow me to select an OS after this has completed, but it is annoying and nothing can be done in those 3-5 seconds, which just feels bad.

Any help or thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Video: moving grub screen on fedora 34 - YouTube
If you look closely in the video, you can see when the selection is able to be made - there is a dialogue about only having so long to choose an option before it auto-selects. You can see this option appearing after the scrolling has completed.

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