Issue with flameshot 'copy selection to clipboard' feature on Fedora 33

1. Copy the selection into the clipboard.

2. Paste into GIMP or Telegram , the image show like:

3. The Copy the selection into the clipboard function is available after removing the ‘qt5-qtwayland’ package.

  • Flameshot version
$ flameshot --version
Flameshot v0.8.5
Compiled with Qt 5.15.1
  • Describe the bug
    Not a bug, maybe need to specify an environment variable to re-render or something.

  • To Reproduce

sudo dnf install qt5-qtwayland
sudo dnf remove qt5-qtwayland
After removing  qt5-qtwayland, the pasted image looks correct.
  • System Information
    OS Name: Fedora 33 64-bit
    GNOME Version 3.38.2
    Windows System Wayland

How to fix this issue? Thanks!


I’d file a bug against the qt5-qtwayland package. There already are some issues with the package, so this could just be another one.

Info on filing bugs here:


Thank you for your answer, then I‘ll report the bug.

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