Issue using 2 network adapters simultaneously with one for internet usage on Fedora IoT


Hello, this is my first form, I hope someone can help me with my issue…

I have 2 network adaptors, one crossover connection and another for internet access.
I am using wifi for my internet access and wired for my crossover. my crossover connection is working properly. I am using for fast transfer speeds between computers with NFS but obviously this connection doesn’t provide access to the internet. My issue is I am not able to update the server without unplugging or disableing my crossover network. additionally I am not able to access internet with my podman containers. I need to default my network traffic to my wireless adapter. although I am able to ping with both active so I know both are able to work. when I run “rpm-ostree update” I get the following error “error: While pulling fedora/stable/x86_64/iot: While fetching mirrorlist ‘’: While fetching [6] Couldn’t resolve host name”
I am using Fedora 37 IOT X86 edition for a home server NAS and media server. Without advising me to use a different setup I would like to know how I can use both adapters.
I am very familiar with Linux, with over 14 yrs experience so I can take a complex answer or question.

Thank you in advance for your time.

I fixed by this command
in my case eno1 is my crossover device

first I ran IP route and found it is a default route

“ip route
default via dev eno1 proto static metric 100
default via dev wlp2s0 proto dhcp src metric 600 dev wlp2s0 proto kernel scope link src metric 600 dev eno1 proto kernel scope link src metric 100”

then ran this to delete the route

ip route del default via dev eno1 proto static metric 100

then to ensure it persists on reboot

nmcli connection modify eno1 ipv4.never-default yes

rebooted and now resolved

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