Is this ok [y/N]: Operation aborted

So after a much need respite from Fedora in particular and Linux in general issues I come back to the same.

Why does dnf commands sometimes abort themselves?

Is this ok [y/N]: Operation aborted.

This when trying to get rid of docker and purge the setup to start over for the nth time.

I assume you hit Enter on your keyboard. In Yes/No questions, the capital letter represents the default, in your case the ‘N’ for No. If you hit Enter, the default is selected.

You can change this behavior by addind a line


to /etc/dnf/dnf.conf


I don’t get to enter anything… it just scrolls whatever relevant commands and exits at “aborted”…

Without you hitting the Enter key on your keyboard? Suspicious - maybe your keyboard is broken. I’d try another one and see if the problem persists.

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it just scrolls whatever relevant commands and exits at “aborted”

Sounds like dnf is being run in a batch or remote context that does not have a tty. When we use dnf at a console, we like the interactive questions, but when interaction isn’t possible you can change the command to “dnf -y”. The y option tells it to proceed as if you’d assented to any question that might come up.

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I true enough, dnf -y forgot about that one… will test it…

I runs through a console session in Webmin… fyi

Another possible way this could happen would be if you happen to type an extra enter before dnf reaches the prompt. If you for example happen to hit enter twice by mistake when you issue the command. The second enter will wait there until dnf reads input. The effect will be an extra empty line early in the output which you might easily miss, and then dnf will abort immediately after it writes its prompt as you describe.

Just a thought.


and using -y worked.

Now to start over