Is this normal? stuck at update

I am more than an hour stuck at 92%. Is it normal or am I experiencing some problem? Is it possible to have more details about what the system is doing?

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What update are you referring to?
A manual dnf update?
The automatic update at shutdown?
Update from the software panel?
What kernel?
What desktop?

If it is the gnome software update or the automatic shutdown update then you can not see the progress. If it is the first update after a new install then it could easily take an hour or more dependent upon your download speeds.

I would suggest not interfering with an update since it might be writing to disk and an interruption could cause corruption. Wait at least another hour.

BTW. That is an awful lot of blank space at the beginning of your post.

A manual dnf update gives you all the needed detail.

Sorry. The blank whitespace was supposed to be an image. I restarted my system and now fedora is corrupted. I just want to cry. I am getting an “ops something wrong” after boot. Can’t make anything. Ctrl +D2 F3 F4 doesn’t work. Any thin I can do? Reinstalling from scratch would be an enormous headache since I have many configs in my coding ambient


If you hold shift on startup, you should see the grub menu. Try selecting and older kernel and see if it boots.

If it does you will need to remove the latest installed kernel and reinstall.

Thanks Tom.

This is an important question. Can you please answer it?

In case you have uninstalled plymouth and trying to update Fedora using dnf system-upgrade, the update may be running (and may take very long, depending on your disk hardware and the number of installed packages) without any visual indication.

I encountered the same problem when updating Fedora from 33 to 34 using the Gnome Software system updator. The process stuck at 92% for 5 hours and seems continue stuck forever. The update process does not give any meaningful info of where it stucks. I tried to login from a tty terminal but it says the system is booting up and login is prohibited. What should I do? If I force power off and reboot the system may be broken. What should I do now?

I’m used to write a comment, such as “# myname” in very config file I edited and backup it before to know what was original.
and I always do a backup before OS upgrades.

Every change I do is written to an ChangeLog file, so I just need to work through my ChangeLog file after an new installation.
For every installation of a special program I use I write a HowTo which contains all steps from installation up to it is running flawless (e.g. radicale)

a backup before upgrades is a must.
in my case:
/boot /etc /home /lib/modules/ /root /var/www /var/lib/radicale

anyway, over years I haven’t seen a unrepairable box after upgrades, so I hope it’s just a buggy kernel. just boot an elder kernel…

one experience I made:
a newer kernel came without modules, so no driver for disk, GPU and it crashed.
just take a look into the subdirectories under /lib/modules/{your-newest-kernel-version-here}/kernel/
are the subdir empty ?

realizing this thread is a month old …(me is getting old too …)

  • try to boot to an elder kernel
  • afterwards run in an terminal “sudo flatpak update”.
  • restart Gnome updater and see if it now finishes
  • reboot to the lastest kernel