Is there anyway to increase the swap partition size?

I’m using a MacBook Air M1 8 GB. I noticed that there’s only 7.3 GB of swap, and I often run out of memory even just by watching YouTube. The system would freeze immediately, requiring a reboot by long pressing the power button to get it going again.

This is what the swap partition looks like:

$ swapon --show
/dev/zram0 partition 7.3G 115M  100

Is there a way to grow the size of swap partition?

If you’re running out of memory then increasing the swap size would make the issue worse. You are likely being hit with an oom condition that causes the freeze. I would switch to swap on disk at least to see if that helps.

There is no swap partition by default. What you are seeing there is compressed RAM as swap, which is still just RAM. You need to create a swap file, instructions here: If I want to add a swapfile on Fedora Workstation with btrfs, where should I put it?


I know that, it’s why I suggested swap on disk over swap on ram.