Is there any way to edit Calendar reminder notifications?

Bit confused here. I need a way to set reminders for myself. I thought I’d use Calendar since that’s part of Gnome (I think). But I can’t find any way to adjust how the notifications work. There are no settings in Calendar app, and if I go to system settings>notifications Calendar is not even mentioned in the list (presumably because it’s a default app?)

I need reminders to put a nice visible alert on my screen which does not go away until clicked. On Mac I did that with the built in calendar which would stick a horrible (but useful in this case!) badge in the top right corner (stacked if multiple) and I could either ‘snooze’ or ‘close’.

I can’t find any way to get similar functionality. The notifications in Fedora are much less obtrusive (nice in many ways, but nice enough that I don’t really notice them :smiley:).

if it’s not doable and someone has a recommendation for an app I can install purely for big fat reminder notification alerts, I might have to try that! thanks