Is there any live iso with Ignition and WiFi support?

When I click expand to see the package list for the latest release at I see that the package NetworkManager-wifi is not included.

Do you know of any other custom live iso based on Fedora CoreOS that has WiFi support, Ignition support and where you are able to log in to a text terminal?

At this time Fedora CoreOS does not include WiFi support out of the box. Can you elaborate a bit on your use case?

In my case I would like to embed an Ignition file with my WiFi-configuration into a Live ISO that is written to a USB stick. With such a USB stick I would be able to boot up different old laptops and have instant access to the wireless network.

@walters It seems you have created a way to do this by making use of layering:

(i haven’t tried it out yet but it looks cool)