Is there any easy way or any possibility to make Fedora looks like Mac OS?

Is there any easy way or any possibility to make Fedora 32 to theme including menus, windows, buttons, icons,and everything looks like Mac OS

Hi @johnnoah , welcome to the Fedora community!
If you’ve not had a chance yet, please look at the #start-here category. It has some very useful information on using the forum and tips on Fedora usage.

Use Gnome and then download, install, and select one of the following schemes.

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I should point out that while you may be able to come close to making it look like MacOS, the design principles of pretty much all desktop environments are very different from that of the MacOS user interface. By using themes etc., you are diverging from what the developers have provided. This may, for example, include bugs, affect performance, lose some of the default features provided by the desktop environments.

So, I would personally suggest using a desktop environment that works well for you and them making minimal tweaks to it (instead of making such large scale changes to start with).


Nothing will be perfect but you can get quite a lot closer with plasma than gnome if that is your top priority.

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It’s weird anyways, if I wanted something that looks like MacOS I would go with MacOS. Since I want to go with something FOSS, I repeatedly tried out 5+ different Desktop environments (DE) and I chose one that fits me.

I second @FranciscoD’s advice - better get used to a native Fedora DE


Maybe one day MacOS users will be tweaking Mac to look like Fedora.


I’m actually running Fedora on a Macbook and I’m very happy with the GNOME design. It’s been an easy transition from MacOS and much more enjoyable and productive. Give it a try, learn some keyboard shortcuts and you’ll came to love its workflow! :wink: