Is there an fpaste analog for Terminal output sharing? :)

Hi another time pals!
inxi -b | fpaste:
I use pastebin-com for code sharing, but I don’t like pastebin coz it is not open-source and it have advertisements.

So my question is: Does Internet consist of fpaste alternative, where bash outputs are kept forever? :slight_smile:

fpaste --someinfo --printonly. See fpaste --help for the options. You can send it to your screen with that command or you could do fpaste --sysinfo --printonly > sysinfo.txt to send it to a file. Or your command inxi -b | fpaste --printonly > inxi.txt for instance.

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Thanks a lot, but I need to store fpaste’s outputs in Internets.

I have seen many pastebins that used to keep files “forever”, but now they’re gone now because it wasn’t profitable.

Other than, I guess GitHub Gists should last forever (until GitHub shuts it down), but it requires an account and is not open-source either.

There are a lot of free pastebins running the open-source PrivateBin software, but most of them have expiry time between 1 day and 1 month. If you really want open-source + keep forever, you could run your own PrivateBin instance.

As for sending the output via terminal, there are a few different programs that might work, but I’ve not used them. You can search for it dnf search pastebin. Or you might be able to adapt fpaste (which is a shell script, not too complicated) to send to another site’s API.

Yeah I don’t store anything there

Apple, Microsoft, and Google all have “free” file storage for the users and ways to permit access to particular documents by other users, but access is either public or restricted to
other users of the same platform. Forever is a ling time. Google will allow you to say who
has access to your account when you become “unavailable”.

Community networks (I use chebucto, have free accounts and may give users a small space where they can make files publicly available to https clients. You can encrypt files so only users to whom you have provided keys can see the contents.

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