Is there an easy way to get a list of games?

Gnome Software has a list of games. Is there someway to get the list from the command line? I’m curious what games are being added. I’d like to get a list from Fedora 34 and Fedora 35 to compare.

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dnf groupinfo "Games and Entertainment" is the only way that I’m aware of. I think you can add --releasever=34 (or whatever version number) to get the list for a specific Fedora Linux release.

EDIT: The list of installable game packages form the above command does not appear to be complete. aisleriot, for example, does not seem to be listed.

That got a better list than I did with pkcon. There has got to be a way to get the list that Gnome Software shows. Based on the dnf query you gave me there is nothing new for games in F35. That might be correct. Alchemy Quest, Anagramarama, and Inertia Blast should be added before f35 goes out. I was wondering if there were more and could be made into a Fedora Magazine article.