Is there a way to modify Evolution's toolbar location?

At least in Fedora 37 Silverblue, Evolution enjoyed some very much welcome changes to its interface. However, I find the toolbar was not optimally located. It shows at the top left corner, far from the messages’ section. So, I am forced to move the mouse pointer from the message’s body, across the window in order to archive/delete/mark as junk, etc. (printing is included in the message’s body context menu). Here is a screenshot of my current layout:

I think a more sensible option would be to place the toolbar in the right side of the window, right over the message’s body section, or at least in the top middle. I suppose there has to be a gconf setting I can modify in order to move the toolbar’s location as desired, or perhaps file a bug report. Any suggestions how to “fix” this? Thanks in advance.

Contact the evolution developers directly. Fedora does not modify packages that come directly from the developers so those changes came from upstream.

Thanks. Yes; I intend to do it. But I was looking for a temporal solution (if any) while waiting for upstream.

Hello Francisco,

can you give me a link to your bug report or correction request?
I would love to participate in it!

I just upgraded from F36 to F37 and unfortunately have to deal with this cruel layout/view as well.
Especially it doesn’t fit into my XFCE desktop at all. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Thank You

No problem, there you go:

It was accepted and is progressing.

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Thanks for your link. I have once announced my opinion nicely and politely about it. :wink: