Is there a way to boot Fedora 36 iso using Xorg instead of Wayland?

Greetings Fedora community,

I know Wayland is the default and I look forward to its advancements, but for the time being I’m on an Nvidia MX150/Intel hybrid optimus laptop setup, so I still need to rely on Xorg. The Fedora 36 .iso boots into Wayland by default, which does work for me, however Wayland doesn’t have proper color management support (should be available by Fedora 37), so when I boot the Fedora 36 .iso, all my colors are muted or very over saturated. When I install Fedora from Wayland, and then install all the relevant nvidia drivers and reboot a few times, and switch to Xorg then, my colors are still muted and over saturated. Changing the color profiles in Gnome Settings doesn’t help much.

I think I may know what the problem might be, but I can’t know for sure until I can install Fedora while on Xorg. I think what the problem is, with a lack of proper color management on Wayland, where ever that config is, it gets used by default on Wayland or Xorg. My hope is that if I can install Fedora while using Xorg, that environment should be able to produce a color profile more to what I’m used to.

Is it possible to boot the Fedora 36 .iso into Xorg? Please let me know and I’d love to test it out, thank you.

While logging in on the log in screen see a gear like icon buttom right corner and tap on that and switch to xorg.

I’m talking about using the Fedora 36 .iso via a usb drive first (not a fresh installation), which automatically boots into the desktop using Wayland, so there is no gear to click. I’m trying to find out if it’s possible to boot the Fedora 36 .iso into Xorg first instead by editing something before it boots into the desktop.

Answer is no but you can chose basic video mode if you go to troubleshooting option of iso and after install nvidia driver. I recommended rpmfusion repos for that .