Is there a way through which we can remove watermarks from PDF?

I tried using LibreOffice. It can use used to remove watermarks but comes which a big problem like:

  1. You can’t spend your time in each page removing watermark. Its painful repeated annoying process.
  2. You can’t always select the watermark words to delete unless you zoom in too much which create a gap between PDF context and watermark word.

Things would have been easier if:

  1. IF somehow we can automate 1 & 2 this would have been easy.
  2. IF there was a way to search watermarked words. We could have use replace all with null option.

There must be some trick which we can use in LibreOffice Draw. But I don’t know. Let me know if you know. Meanwhile, I don’t see any other tools which can be used for this. If there are such tools which can remove all watermark from each page, it would kind of you to let me know. Gemstone.

This is the PDF which I’m trying to modify. I’m trying to remove big giant word which says, “Abhishek KR Pandey” which is on Z-axis from left button to right top in each goddamn page.

You want us to help you remove a watermark from a document that was watermarked by it’s creator? :scream:

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There are plenty of online tools to accomplish this, as well as local methods, but I need to second @dalto’s point and inquire why you’d want to do it…


I want a clean pdf. His name on the bottom of each is there, which is fine by me because it doesn’t disturb the context of pdf for users to read. But the z-axis is visually disturbing even though those big text is semi-transparent.

There are plenty of online tools to accomplish this…

I visited some website like PDFfiller. I didn’t saw it giving any magic option to wipe of watermark.

And I also tried to use popular pdftk tool but it didn’t work. It didn’t even launched. Why flatpak let people install such type app which doesn’t even launch! Crash directly upon clicking icon to launch app.

So if you know any other tools, do let me know.

AFAIK, Soda can do it; i.e., after uploading the pdf you can use its edit feature to remove it.

I’m not sure what you mean that pdftk wouldn’t load, since it’s only a command-line tool; perhaps this thread can explain it better.

pdftk is no longer available for Fedora. It has been deprecated.

If the content is not your intelectual property, just ask the author for permission to use the document. I am sure, if he agrees to use it, he will provide you with a non-watermarked copy. Under which license has the pdf been published?

you are saying one thing but are still helping OP to modify a document that he or she doesn’t own.

Remember, there must be a reason for a watermark. Please be and act respectful


A watermark is there for a reason. Removing the watermark is akin to theft, no?

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No the content is definitely not licensed as far as I know. Its seems like this note is his collage assignment.

@augenauf, there are many legitimate reasons why someone might want to remove a watermark and I was inquiring as to @bond’s.

There have been many times I’ve had a pdf watermarked with “DRAFT,” for example, that needed to be removed after it was no longer a draft and the “original” Word document could not be located. Watermarks do not imply copyright, as only copyright can do that.

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That does not mean that it is not licensed. By default, the owner has complete rights over the work. Unless they explicitly note that this is under a license where it can be shared/used/modified, one should assume that permission is required to use/modify the work.

I’m going to close this topic folks. Thanks for your input but this is a slightly slippery slope that we don’t want to go down :slight_smile: