Is there a release/update policy for Mutter?

There’s a bug in Mutter, and I’ve been waiting for the fix to arrive downstream for a bit now. It looks like they’ve bumped the version number to 44.2 a week ago, but it looks like that hasn’t landed anywhere in Fedora yet. Is there a release policy in Fedora to wait for a certain amount of time before bringing in an update to such an important package, or is it something else?

gnome-shell-44.2-1.fc38 and mutter-44.2-2.fc38

FEDORA-2023-9602a29b2d created by fmuellner an hour ago for Fedora 38

Update to 44.2

This update has been submitted for testing by fmuellner.

an hour ago

This update’s test gating status has been changed to ‘waiting’.

an hour ago

It has to be tested by several persons … i guess 3 positive karma’s are needed:


Haha, that went up right after I made this post :joy: I should’ve done that sooner.

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