Is there a "plan" to integrate BTRFS snapshots in Fedora ( that appear in bootloader / grub )?

I manage a quite a few Fedora Linux systems and (in the last five’ish years), I only had one case where I really needed to boot from a recovery snapshot of a Fedora Linux OS. Thankfully I had ZFS on root configured and I was able to rollback the root file system. The workstation had been hacked. There was some sort of elaborate self-spawning executable that would rename and respawn itself if you tried to stop/delete it. it was transmitting data to China. It got in due to a misconfigured PAM stack and an SSH port that was not properly firewalled. To separate the data we wanted to recover from the system from the virus/malware, it was a simple matter to rollback the root file system.

I’ve also seen many posts here on ask.fp.o where dnf updates have gone wrong (e.g. here and here) and being able to rollback the installation would have been much easier than the alternative of trying to get all the packages resynchronized. It is rare, but it can really be a lifesaver when you need it.

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