Is reply by email supposed to work? Because it's not working

Is reply by email supposed to work? Because its not working. And it fails silently. Here is what I tried to reply

On November 16, 2020 6:11:17 PM EST, Matthew Miller via Fedora Discussion wrote:

I think we do want our own server — what would happen with the
existing channels? Can we bridge them in too, with the Fedora-server
ones being “home”?>

So the thing about matrix room names is that they’re all aliases… the real room name is a uuid gibberish style thing. So the human referencable room name is basically a pointer which is really nice - on the same server at least you can remove the alias from the old room and pit on the new. Any given room can have multiple aliases. I am guessing you could have the same room be aliased to and say at the same time. Not 100% sure. But I’ve definitely set multiple aliases on the same room before and transferred an alias from an old room to a new one.


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It is supposed to work, yes. I can see in the admin interface that it was rejected with:


Happens when none of the email addresses in To/Cc fields matched a configured incoming email address.

However, the email addresses there look to be right as far as I know. I’ll check with Discourse support.

Also note: I’ve moved this to a new topic in the Site Feedback category.

Hmmm, I think maybe it didn’t like the “Reply all”? Can you try with just one-address reply, the one that is fedoraproject+[a long string]?

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Also, I see that it sent a bounce message with the text

We’re sorry, but your email message to [ addresses removed ] (titled Re: [Fedora Discussion] [Project Conversations/Council Discussion] The future of real-time (chat) discussion for the Fedora council) didn’t work.

Do you use more than one email address? Did you reply from a different email address? Email replies require that you use the same email address when replying. Alternately, the Message-ID header in the email may have been modified.

(addresses removed by me). Can you check if that got into a spam folder?

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I sent it from duffy at fedoraproject dot org which is my Fedora email. FAS does not let you use your email as your email in FAS, so I have the name of the raw email address that duffy@fpo is aliased to listed as my email address in Discourse apparently (I never filled that out, must be the FAS hookup thing)

I would have to completely change my mail client’s configuration to send from that email address that I do not ever expose publicly…

It shows that address as “primary” in the prefs so there must be a way to have another email address associated like Hyperkitty lets you do? But I can’t find it. There’s no button or form field anywhere.

OK and just confirming I didn’t receive any of the bounces. Checked my spam folder and inbox thoroughly.

OK and I was going to try to reply to your msg that asks me to try to remove reply-all and reply just to the discourse email from my mail client but I didn’t get that msg via mail to reply to. It seems I’m not receiving all of the messages through the email set up (I have the account in mailing list mode.) I noticed your reply from the badge icon in theupper left of the webui, and I only logged in to the web because I saw something quoted in a reply and never received the quoted message and was looking for it and noticed the notification then.

Yeah, it’s the FAS hookup thing. I just looked and as an admin I can edit your username and full name, but the email comes from the linked account. It says “Never shown to the public”, for what that’s worth.

For what it’s worth, I’m also not sure of the FAS implications of changing the username. Leaving all accounts matching FAS is kind of nice from a metrics POV – not that I’d do individual tracking, but for counting total active Fedora folks.

Oh, hmmm… there’s a “secondary email” thing. Let me see if that can be activated along with external auth. Stand by. :slight_smile:

What mail client do you use? I know mutt has the ability to change outgoing email address based on the recipient, and maybe yours has something similar? As a fallback if I can’t figure out the secondary email thing.

Ah, okay, so there is an “email editable” admin option, and that’s currently turned off. I am not sure of the implication of turning it on, but as long as it doesn’t mess with auth it seems desirable.

I use thunderbird, but my SMTP server detects a fake from address and blocks it.