Is problematic install and use Fedora Workstation in a MacBook Pro 13.3?

Hello friends

I don’t how common is this scenario but … here I go:

I have an old MacBook Pro - it is:

  • MBP 13.3/2.9/2X4GB/750/SD
  • Model No: A1278

So far, it works in peace, it has a HDD of 750GB - in this point is not possible do an upgrade of the macOS itself.

Therefore, my intention is remove the HDD and replace it with a new SSD to install Fedora Workstation - it would be 37 or 38 according as when the new SSD arrives.


  • Is problematic install and use Fedora Workstation in a MacBook Pro?

It mostly hardware conflicts - the processor is Intel, but just in case I am doing this consult here - because you are the experts.

Other situation: this laptop does not have neither VGA nor HDMI ports, it has either a thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort port instead - therefore I bought a Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

Does Fedora recognize this port? It to use the adapter in peace to work with a secondary monitor.

Thanks for your understanding

Look for your model at Linux Hardware. You can get an idea of what works and which drivers are being used. I ran Ubuntu (because we used ed software that was developed using Ubuntu and needed to be able to report bugs when using Ubuntu) on an elderly MBP, but don’t recall if the VGA adapter I used with macOS also worked with linux. You may need to use dkms to build drivers for some of the hardware, which taints the kernel so you don’t benefit from the automated problem reporting system.