Is KVM illegal now in F37?

I dont understand that since I upgraded to F37 from F36, everything has broken down.
I cant even do USB installation, because of uefi error. I guess my pc became illegal.

Now KVM is illegal. Why is KVM illegal in F37 now?

The screenshot here:

In what world does a failure of a dnf command equate to KVM illegal?

You used imagure instead of actually embedding the image here, so I cannot enlarge that image and closely view the actual command line that failed. It almost appears as if the i in install is not an i at all.

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I also do not understand. Is there a translation error, perhaps? Can you explain what you mean by “illegal”?

Something is also strange with the sudo dnf error message — as is if the space is not actually a space.

I think we need a lot more background detail here, please, so we can help you.

By pure chance: did you follow this guide?

Indeed, copy&paste this command sudo dnf install libvirt-devel virt-top libguestfs-tools guestfs-tools from such page, throws bash: sudo dnf: command not found also for me.
So it looks like there is some strange (hidden) character in that string.

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The copy and paste did give me something like this the first time I copied it from that site but I was not able to repeat that with later attempts.
~[[200~sudo dnf install libvirt-devel virt-top libguestfs-tools guestfs-tools~

Note there are strange characters at beginning and end. They showed up in the terminal when pasted in.
When I delete those characters the command does not give a similar error.

At times I have noted similar artifacts when copying from a web page, but since the characters have always been visible have never had an issue and always deleted the extraneous characters.

Nice detective work! :slight_smile:

This actually is a good thing to keep in mind… here, it is (probably) harmless even though confusing and annoying. But it is actually possible to hide malicious code in this way — something that looks like an innocent command in a web page, but which actually hides a command which does something bad.

That isn’t possible with the way this site works (as long as you trust the admin, which I hope you do!), so commands we provide here should be okay — but it’s good practice to type anyway. Or, if is something long and complicated, don’t post directly to a terminal but into a text editor, so you can see what you’re really getting. (That might not reveal the strange space character used here, but would show any malicious code.)

Here’s a demo of what a site might do: Copy-Paste from Website to Terminal

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And that the strange character is non-breaking space.