Is Kinoite good enough for **CS student (Web Development)?**

For daily study I need node js, angular , ionic vs code and a browser be installed in my pc ( Web development ). And don’t want spend as least possible in OS. Used Ubuntu based distro for almost 2 years and Fedora for few day ( Just to try ). The reason why I choose immutable OS is if anything breaks (not only OS related, it could be node js or angular etc…) so that I can rollback.

I need suggestion about should I go with kinoite / silverblue (silverblue uses gnome which is heavy and I prefer KDE).

And can I use timeshift in Kinoite or any worthy alternative of timeshift??


First, I would argue that you should use whatever distro you prefer and avoid breakages by using containers of some sort for your development so your development environments are not impacted by OS changes(and vice-versa).

That being said, if you want to switch to kinoite/silverblue you certainly can make it work. However, an immutable OS comes with trade-offs so you should be aware that you will have to work through the fact that you will have to work out of a toolbox or similar for much of your development tools since the OS is immutable. Personally, I would not use one of those for development as student. You have enough to learn without having to learn how to work around your OS at the same time.

Why would you need timeshift in silverblue/kinoite? You can already do rollbacks. What are you using timeshift for in that context?

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The much simpler way would be to install your distro of choice on your host then use a VM (running the same distro or different) for doing the development.

Changes made in the VM do not affect the host and a reinstall in the VM, should it become necessary, is relatively quick. You could even make a copy of the virtual disk used by the VM when you had it at a fully updated stable condition and if you managed to corrupt the original just copy the backup copy back over the original to restore it.

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