Is it safe to remove plasma-discover?

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plasma-discover notify for software updates too frequently.

I can’t found how to set frequence.

I want to get rid of plasma-discover and use dnf only.

Q: "dnf remove plasma-discover " is safe? The KDE does not break?

It is safe to remove, but if you are referring to the tray notifications, that isn’t discover.

Dalto: what is it then?
kde plasma 5 - How to disable notification about updates on startup in KDE 5? - Super User says "Packagekit will check for updates upon login and refresh package lists through a systemd unit.

Then there is software that uses packagekit like Discover to check if there are update packages. Discover uses the system tray to show the number of update packages." so it sounds as if uninstalling Discover will fix the issue.

I’ve set the system tray settings - entries - Updates to Always hidden and that stops those notifications. “Updates” is still visible if I open the system tray via the disclosure arrow and if I start Discover there it is again in the bottom left with an angry orange.

Coming from a non-KDE desktop I’m in sync with updates once or twice a week and find updates once or twice a day annoying and reminds me of Windows 10 (in that software update are always on my mind; in Windows case the system will force them upon you eventually and in KDE it seems one is alerted once or twice a day. I’m not keen on having a computer just to update it.

In all other aspects I really like Fedora KDE the most of all distros I’ve tried so far, in terms of color control and g-sync and just about overall polish.

I believe it is PackageKit-Qt5. However, that seems to be a hard dependency for a bunch of plasma stuff.

I haven’t played around with it excessively though.

I did remove Discover and that didn’t seem to have any impact either way.

EDIT: It is possible I did that in a Fedora 33 test machine, I should probably validate that it was F34.

I apologize, I accidentally checked this in a F33 VM. In F34, removing Discover does, in fact, stop the update notifications.


that is good news!

I looked at this, but saw by default it would uninstall, among other things, fwupd. In my case I don’t mind discover itself, so I found out that alternatively it looks like you can remove just plasma-discover-notifier and this will leave the rest of discover and its dependencies, if the notifications are the only things you want to stop.

You also can, for most packages, prevent erasing a package from also removing the dependencies by using the --noautoremove option.