Is it safe to remove flatpack?

Is it safe for me to completly remove flatpack from F32? Will I break anything on doing it?

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Yes, it should be OK to remove flatpak. Please do check the transaction list before going through with the removal, though, just to be sure.

Sorry, I’m new to Fedora. How do I check the transaction list?

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When you run dnf remove flatpak, dnf will show you the packages that are being modified in the transaction.

I tried it here, and it removes gnome-software with it, because gnome-software depends on flatpak for its flatpak related functionality. You should be able to reinstall gnome-software, but that may perhaps pull in flatpak again.

If flatpaks aren’t bothering you, I’d just not use them and leave them on the system. They seem to be quite tightly integrated with the workstation/gnome product.

Is there a reason why you want to remove flatpaks? Maybe we can find a different workaround?

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Nothing in particular … I just don’t like the concept. It bloats the system easily. But, you are right, I will just leave it alone and not use it. Thank you!


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