Is it possible to use IceCat in dark mode?

In Firefox and most other browsers I’ve used, it’s possible to view most websites in dark mode. I have, so far, been unable to get websites to render in dark mode in IceCat. I have successfully configured IceCat itself to use dark mode (the top bars are dark and the start page is dark, but it seems to fail to pass this information on to websites.

For example, I am unable to view the web pages and in dark mode on IceCat.

(aside: searching via the address bar on IceCat takes me to test at DuckDuckGo instead of test at DuckDuckGo. Is that a bug?)

IceCat and similar privacy-focused browsers use Resist Fingerprinting to protect user privacy. This feature prevents websites from uniquely identifying a browser, but it also disables auto dark mode on websites because dark mode preference can be used for fingerprinting.

In essence, IceCat prioritizes privacy over dark mode, and you need to manually set dark mode on websites that allow it.

Is it possible to disable that aspect of anti-fingerprinting?